‘ME!ME!ME! feat daoko’ by Teddyloid


I usually don’t post unless I have an interesting article to write and share. Today, by chance I found an interesting video on facebook: “‘ME!ME!ME! feat daoko’ by Teddyloid”. I google it, unfortunately it’s already deleted on YouTube because of nudity and such. What a shame.

Torrent: here.

Fortunately you can find the short video here. According to my friend this short video is created by Panty and Stocking crews. The video animation is well made, it contains three type of different music genre. I like the first and third ones.

[Review] Xiaomi Redmi 1S

So, I’ve just get new budget Android Smartphone last week. It’s sold in Indonesia since 4 September 2014. It’s also sold in India and other countries. So, what’s good about this Xiaomi Redmi 1S?

  • It’s a cheap budget Android Smartphone with powerful hardware for its price, only Rp1.499.000,- or about 126 US$.
  • It use MIUI ROM which in, my experience, has one of the most best user interface.

Specification can be checked at GSMARENA.


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