[News] Pervert Trainer for your girl (figure)

Hi, Lowe Gule is here.

The review now is about…

Ok, it’s not a review. just some preview about upcoming PVC figure from Hobby Japan.

Who is he? The pervert creature is: Trainer Dogura.  He’s from Queen’s blade spin-off, Queen’s blade rebellion.

PVC figure

scale: 1/8

price: ¥4,286 (HLJ.com)

Bundled with the art book “Beautiful Fighter Senki Decisive Battle Limited Edition.

Front view:

Rear view:


What can he do ?

As you can see. You can move his hand position.

What else will you get?

——Description from Manufacturer——

B5 Size, Side Stitched, Full Color

Set Contents
-Main book

-Drama CD “Choukyoushi Dogura”

Limited Edition Bonus
-Choukyoushi Dogura pre-painted soft vinyl + PVC model

Drama CD cast:
Rie Kugimiya, Kanae Itou, Yuuko Gotou, other

Limited edition bonus: Choukyoushi Dogura figure
-1/8 Scale (appx. 12cm tall)
-Soft vinyl + PVC made
-Sculptor: Shuji Nakayama (manufacturer: Hobby Japan)

So, actually, it’s just like BLK, HUKE’s selected artwork book. You can either buy the artbook or the one with figure bundle.

But I think, it’d be better to have it with the PVC figure.

Reason why  you should own this PVC figure:

  1. You have Queen’s blade PVC and you want to enslave them…
  2. You like “bullying” figure for fun (ie. photo-session)
  3. You want it to play with your other figure. Either with 1/8 action figure or with 1/12 (figma) or Revo.

That’s all folks.

source: nekomagic


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