[Review] Manga: Ibitsu

I’m back after reading few chapters of mindfuck manga.

Here I’am alive and wanna to share another mindfuck, yet interesting manga.

Manga: Ibitsu
Alternative Name: イビツ, Ibitsu
Years of Released: 2009
Status: Ongoing
Author(s): RYOU Haruka
Artist(s): RYOU Haruka
Genre(s): Horror, Seinen


This manga is NSFW, contain disturbing picture, yet interesting since I want to know how will the main character survive from…

The story is about an urban legend,  The Girls at the trash Dump. If you see her, she’ll ask you whether you have a sister. Any answer will end in death. So, the main character met her at one night. Saying that he has one. Then, she come to him and do something terrible to his sister and…

How will the main character survive?

You can read it in: mangafox

~why does a cute girl like her is harmed~

Final World:
I hope it’s not as mind fuck as Junji Ito‘s manga.


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