Aquarion Evol OST

At first, I don’t like aquarion evol, and just think it’s a low-tier anime just like kamen rider nowadays which has no good story. I just think they use cute character with no good story so it just a waste to watch it.

But, after I watch few episodes (cuz I’ve already downloaded it) I feel, it’s interesting.
So, I keep watching it, and I was wrong. It’s quite good. Just like when I watch gundam AGE, which  I think is a no good gundam anime.

So, watch few episodes before judge. Just like the first time my friend show me MACROSS F, which I think is kinda weird. But I ended up love it.

Anyway, what I want to share is the OST. Aquarion Evol OST is good. If you like macross and good OST/BGM, this one has good music/song.

Title: Aquarion EVOL Eve no Shihen
「アクエリオンEVOL」 イヴの詩篇
Type OST: Anime
Artist:AKINO, AIKI from bless4, bless4, Yui Ogura, The Little Singers of Tokyo, The Member of LSOT
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 21
Release Date:    23/05/2012

Where to get? BUY IT ! or just be like me:
download: here

Hope you like it, folks.


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