[HCG] [Eroge] Resort Boin

Le me opening facebook in evening, then open a forum (group) in Facebook, hentailegends, which I knew from its own site, hentalegends.com, but due to some problem, their anime (ero) deleted from MF, so we can’t download the LQ from there.

I haven’t open their site for a while (more than weeks). Anyway, it’s not what I want to share today.

The eroge is Resort Boin, I don’t play it, since I don’t understand japanese. I only able to read (excl. kanji).

As usual, there’re many-many eroge in the net. And I do have a reason why do I share this one. Even though this is an old eroge (2007), the artwork is good. happoubi jin is the illustrator. He’s one of my fav. artists beside Redjuice and kantoku.
For you who want to download the CG, here’s the link.


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