[GAME] Strike Suit Zero

There are many good indie game, such as world of goo, angry birds, etc…
Too many to list them… Just lazy…

Ok, … I like mech, such as Gundam, Armored Core, and VF (macross). Unfortunately Game about mech is not many. Only FEW.

Yes! Only few that is good enough to be played. I’m talking about all of the aspect combined.

  • Zone of the Enders
  • Armored Core For Answer

Both are the ones who have good gameplay in controlling your mech. Though Armored Core’s weak point is the story telling.

Gundam, macross, and all BANDAI related is good. Only in anime, but not in the game if we talk about “controlling your own mech”. They are just NOT GOOD, not realistic, and suck in story telling IMO

I remember one which have good story telling and interesting control schematic, Eureka Seven… I forget the full name.

SD GUNDAM G GENERATION series, is excluded in this matter of controlling, cuz it’s simply a Tactical RPG, which is a good one IMO (compared to SRW).

What about the west mech? Hawken, Mechwarrior. I’ve never tried Mechwarrior, but Hawken is quite interesting as MMOFPS of Mech. But they SUCK at design.

Front Mission Evolved is quite good, but it’s graphic suck for its generation.

So, what about INDIE GAME? With only 100.000$ (in plan) could make a good game, when NAMCO BANDAI GAME can’t even make a good mech game.


It’s Born Ready Games who combined MECH and DOG FIGHT in one game. If you are gundam fans, you may remember Zeta Gundam and such Transformable Mobile Suit which can do Hit and Run Attack. You can do it, in this game.

Strike Suit ZERO


Strike Suit Zero, simple but AWESOME.

With only 15.99$ you can obtain this game from STEAM (which is my favorite game shop)

Go here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/209540/

Steam is my favorite online shop platform, cuz its simply awesome with its features. EA’s store (ORIGIN) can’t even do the same. I mean DISCOUNTED PRICE.

But be careful, cuz this game may discounted up to 50% or more in few months like other steam game.

If you ask me why this one is recommended? Because there’s no other Mech Game which has a good control schematic and awesome look at this moment.
Armored Core and Zone of the ender may have best control schematic for Mech game, but this one DID the same.

It feels so good controling the Strike Suit with my new Logitech F510 gamepad. Almost all game but shooter (FPS and certain TPS) is better in gamepad.

You should try LOGITECH GAMEPAD (F310, F510, or F710). Why? Cuz it’s supported by STEAM BIG PICTURE and is treated as Xbox 360 for PC Controller. If you don’t want waste your money in Xbox 360 gamepad for PC, Logitech Gamepad is the choice.

Wait… I should explain about strike suit zero not the gamepad, sorry readers. Ask google for more information about Logitech gamepad.

So, back to the game. Strike suit is what the Mech called. A fighters that can be transformed into a kind of bipedal robot. If you read OPINION in other site, some people may not like the MECH features of this game. But for those who like transformable mobile suit, it’s your game.

Speed in fighter mode, and transform to strike suit mode if you want more fire power. it has micro missile that can be fired into multiple target in this form. And when you are gonna hit by enemies’ missiles, just transform into fighter mode and prepare to press Y button in your gamepad to deploy EMP when the missiles is near.


  • Cheap, yes it’s cheap especially if you download it from torrent. But hey, please help this Indie Developer, and just torrent the big corporation’s game (Unless you want multiplayer features such as Black Ops 2).
  • Awesome environment
  • Good control schematic
  • Good mech design, I know this is just my opinion, but the transformable idea and process is good.
  • Good sound track (opinion)


  • Fold animation is not that WOW. It just… not wow. Plain…
  • Story telling isn’t as good as Zone of the enders, but better than Armored Core series.
  • The graphic not so good. The texture and such isn’t as good as CRYSIS. #youdon’tsay
    But I think it’s okay for indie game. I mean the detail isn’t that great.



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