Skyrim and How to create Cute Female Character

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13 thoughts on “Skyrim and How to create Cute Female Character

  1. Dude I did all of this and I can’t get the texture for the body to work, the body looks like in ORI Skyrim( aka horrible ) but the face is fine.

  2. i keep having these error during FNIS process:

    All Anim Lists scanned. Generating Behavior Files….
    16 GENDER modifications for Animations\male\
    45 GENDER modifications for Animations\female\
    374 GENDER modifications for Animations\PCEA\male\
    >>Warning: 3 unmatched Animations\PCEA\male\ Animation(s) (see GenerateFNIS_LogFile.txt)<>Warning: 2 unmatched Animations\PCEA\female\ Animation(s) (see GenerateFNIS_LogFile.txt)<<
    Generating animationsetdatasinglefile.txt …

    Creature Pack not installed

    0_master usage: 2.9 % ( 9 paired, 0 kill animations)
    226 animations for 4 mods successfully included (character)
    3 Warning(s).

    the first warn is because i use illegal crack games. never mind that one.

    the second and third is about the animation itself. any help? thx

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