Top 12 Anime That Chose The Wrong Protagonist

I found this article interesting. These anime would be more interesting if change the main character. I found that most main chara in anime is male and useless coward. Like Haruto in valvrave, it’d be interesting if the main character is L-Elf like in Code Geass, the chosen of main character is very good. The ambitious main character would be interesting than a coward one.

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I’ve often pondered what an anime series could have been like had it focused on one of the more interesting secondary characters rather than the actual boring, milquetoast or irritating lead. There have been a few instances where I’ve watched a really good anime series but felt it could have been so much better had it given us one of the other characters as the main protagonist instead of the one we were actually given.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more annoying than when the spotlight is on the sub-par character rather than the guy you’d much rather follow. Besides, in addition to the side character being the more interesting character, the main protagonist usually gets all the girls’ affection or praise while the cooler character gets none, which just bothers me since in real life it should totally work the other way around.

Watching Tokyo Ravens

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