Sex Scene at Thief Game [18+]

I’ve got Thief game on friday noon. It’s a great game. Some of you may compare it to Dishonored but it’s different. I’d like to say, if the next Elder Scroll Game utilize some of Thief game’ features, becoming a thief guild would be more interesting.

But, that’s not why we here. I know that most game that contain nudity at most only show tits and nipple, like on Metro Last Light.

Even the sex scene is not as good as, some of you may, hope. 

There’s another one when in some kind of strip clubs (metro last light). Play the game and you could see some butts and tits.
Not only that Farcry3 also included sex scene in one of the ending. But again, it’s disappointing for those who think that there’d be real sex scene.

The witcher 2 is quite good in term of showing nudity, yet you can hope for sex scene. so… what about THIEF game?

Nudity on Thief game is only part of the mission, where you came to brothel to found some secret passage, you enter the secret room and there you can peep through the hole what is considered sex scene. Also it’s need to see them because it’s part of the mission to find a secret code. Use HEADSET while in this mission or make sure no one get the wrong idea.
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don’t forget to BUY THE GAME !


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