Tips for Skyrim Mod

This Guide is aimed for those who need tips in Choosing mod.

After I finished Skyrim Main Quest in 2011, I found that Skyrim is an Elder Scroll 5: Skyrim, which mean there are other Elder Scroll game. TES III: Morrowind and TES IV: Oblivion, both are said to be a good RPG Game. But since the Graphic are outdated (compared to Skyrim), there’s a need of Mods to enhance it, also as I play Skyrim, I found that I need to install certain mods to allow me have a better experience and immersion. There’s too many mod in Nexus Oblivion. So, I give up and decide not to play the game but read the story at wikia.

Today, I found an interesting page in Hongfire, thanks to my FB friend for mentioning Violated Heroine . There, I see that the TS wrote “The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion (Modded with Lovers with PK + TamagoClub + HiyokoClub)” as the best 3D Game with Ero Stuff. As I read that, I get my interest again on Oblivion, but again, it’s too troublesome to download the [TES4] AIOblivion: Complete Experience 3. Not long after that I found 【Open World】The best 3D H-Games of this current generation” thread on Hongfire. The TS mentioned ” Well, they are actual not real “H-Games”. Most of the fun aspects are instead added in by mods. But the mods are so well done and so well integrated that they pretty much can rival commercial h-games such as the illusion software titles. ” And he’s right. If you followed my blog or happened to read this, you’ll find that I’ve already wrote an article about Skyrim Sex and Rape Mod (NSFW) and Tutorial how to make a Cute Dragonborn.

So, there are several good Ero-RPG Game you can find in link above. Few of them which I think is a good ones are Violated Heroine and Parasite in City. I may review them when I get a time. For now, I will try to give my recommendation on Skyrim mods. Not about creating one but more about installing mods and why should you. 

First thing you should do before installing mod is reading the modder’s description. I always recommend to play the game without any for the first time before installing any mod, but maybe you just want to have a good experience with mods and don’t really care what the vanilla feel.

I will give few tips based on my experience:

  1. Always Read the Modder’s Description
  2. Have a backup for your GAME and SAVES
  3. Avoid scripted mod if possible
  4. Use Nexus Mod Manager (NMM)
  5. Some good mods have other required files, please be patient and install the required mods and you will enjoy that mod
  6. Think before you install the mod, do I need this? Read or watch a review would be a good choice.


After installing your game and (if possible) all DLC, make sure your game is updated with the latest Patch. Few things you should install before installing other mods is

NMM -> Very recommended App to Install and Uninstall mod. With this, it’s easy to manage your installed mod, changing the load order, installing and removing mods without the fear of losing the original file. You should install this App First before installing other files.

SKSE -> I recommend installing the Alpha build (1.7.0) either through its installer or by extracting the 7z archive to your Skyrim directory (Usually X:\…\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\…)

Why should you install SKSE? SKSE is Skyrim Script Extender which allow certain mod to function properly. It’s important because most good mod affecting UI and Gameplay (and Immersion) need SKSE.

Fores New Idles in Skyrim – FNIS -> FNIS Behaviors allows other mods to add different types of animations to the game: idles/poses, sequenced, arm offset, furniture, and paired animations, killmoves, and creature animations. It’s simple to install this, just install it with NMM. Detailed guide can be found here. If you plans to install mods that allow certain creature animation such as for Sexlab mod, you should install the optional file “FNIS Creature Pack 5_0_2”.


I will list my mods recommendation based on certain category.

1. Character Creation for Female Dragonborn

If you interested on playing with Female Character, I suggest you to read my Tutorial at Steam Guide. This guide will give you information about:

  • Face Mod
  • Body Mod
  • Skin Texture Mod
  • Animation
  • How to make a cute Female Player Character
  • How to make other NPC Beutiful

2. Armor and Clothing Mod

There are many armor/clothing mods available on Steam, Nexus, Loverslab, and other Asian site. Thing you need to remember is the mod requirement for that Armor/Clothing mod, usually they required certain body type installed. Of course there’s a mod that allow to change body type in game, but I don’t recommend that. It’d better to stick to certain body type (explanation about body type can be found in guide above).

The good thing about skimpy armor mod is that they are the most common type of armor mod. If you read the guide above, you’ll know that I prefer UNPB body because it looks more natural in my opinion. Every body mod has its own Pro and Cons. So the tips to find a good mod is by looking at right mod review site.

Youtube is a good place to start searching. One of the most well known mod reviewer, MxR, is the best place to start. Of course there are other good mod reviewer, you can always search them by searching with correct keyword, such as “Skimpy UNPB (or other body) Armor Mod”. Unfortunately there are too many mods reviewed in there and not everyone can waste their precious time just to watch Youtube Video Hoping that he’ll find a good armor mod. Next thing to do if you find watching Youtube to find armor mod is ineffective is to read in recommended site.

Recommended site for Armor Mods Review:

  • Dragonporn (no porn here, it’s safe) -> Japanese Mod reviewer with many good mod.
  • Mitinokuoblivion -> Another Japanese Mod reviewer who mostly review armor mods.

One thing I recommend is to download Vanilla Armor Replacer for your installed body mod (in case you use body mod). This is important, because it’s unrealistic for a character with big breast to lost her breast just by wearing vanilla cloth/armor.

3. Skyrim Unofficial Patch

This is an important mods because there are many bugs that’s not corrected even with the latest Skyrim Official Patch. The mod can be found here and installed with NMM. There’s the Unofficial Patch for the DLC, install it only if you have the DLC and make sure to move the load order of each ESP file to the right place as pointed by the modder in mod description.

4. Follower 

There are many follower mods in Skyrim from generic final fantasy looks female follower to badass follower like HOTH. You can find them at Nexus and Skyrim GEMS (look at Followers section). I personally prefer vanilla follower with Skyrim Beautiful Followers and one unique fully voiced follower. I use Throthgar because his comments are funny. Throthgar is a Dragonborn from Skyrim Play Through by Youtube user Tyrannicon. His channel is pretty good especially with his voice as Throthgar and TJ Laser (Mass Effect 3).

Anyway, I recommend you either using the vanilla follower maybe with some mod enhancement to make them more beauty or use any follower mod you think is cute or unique, especially the one that’s fully voiced. As I mentioned before, you can find the review at Youtube or by reading the guide at Skyrim Gems. Or you can always search in Skyrim Nexus.

Before we continue to next section, I recommend you to install Mod that allow multiple follower in case you want to bring more than one follower in your adventure. Mod comparison can be viewed below.

5. Immersion

There are few things that will add immersion in Skyrim. I can’t tell every mod that exist for each immersion, because there are many of them, so I will tell the ones I recommend.

Weather -> If you think the Skyrim game weather changes is kinda static, you should install Climates Of Tamriel to add realism. Things to remember is that you ticked the one you need in the install menu of this mod. It has an option to affect lighting in Interior and Dungeon, I myself, prefer the vanilla one since I’ll be using other Lighting mod. But if you like the preset provided by modder you may install them.

You may also consider installing either Frostfall or Hypothermia to add more realisme to the game.

Lighting -> There are many lighting mods. Realistic Lighting Overhauls (RLO) is said to be one of the recommended ones. I can’t say that RLO is the best and other is bad. It just a matter of taste. I myself think that most lighting mod is too dark and not enjoyable in my opinion. So I install Relighting Skyrim which has vanilla flavor but more realistic than the vanilla one. It’s up to you what to install, just find the one suit your need at Nexus.

^ Relighting Skyrim

Eat, drink, Sleep -> It’s unrealistic to play a Role Playing Game in which your character become a robot who doesn’t need a sleep, drink, and eat. To add realism, I recommend you installing Realistic Needs and Diseases. Of course there are other mods that have (almost) same function. The reason I recommend this is because it compatible with mod that allow the Player Character to Piss, Poop, and take a Bath.

Piss, Poop, Bath -> As you eat and drink, your body will produce waste product that must be cleared. So, to add realism to your Player Character you should install the Private Needs mod. Please install the required files as listed in modder description, then Install the Private Needs 2.11.rar and  PrivateNeeds-RND.rar (also PrivateNeeds-Sexlab.rar in case you are using Sexlab mod)

Sex -> You don’t need to install this one, but if you think it’s kinda unrealistic that you can have marriage but not sex, maybe you should. You can find mods you need here and follow my tutorial here. In case you are planning to make your Skyrim Game into some sort of Hentai RPG, you may consider installing the following mods:

  • Sexlab Framework (main mod to make any sexlab-related mod working)
  • Sexlab Aroused -> Important mod to add arousal to your PC. Like in real world, man would be aroused when looking at naked female. Certain Sexlab-related mod utilize this function
  • Sexlab Defeat -> Allow you to rape or get raped.
  • Sexlab Paycrime -> Use your body to pay for your crime
  • Sexlab Hentai Pregnancy -> Allow your Player Character or NPC to get pregnant, or you may use Beeing Female as alternative. I prefer Hentai Pregnancy since it’s simpler and easy to use, while Beeing Female is more complicated as it add Menstrual Phase. FYI Beeing Female doesn’t allow your Male Player Charater to impregnate the Female NPC, while the Hentai Pregnancy does.
  • Sexlab Cumshot -> Allow the NPC or your Male PC to shoot his cum. Don’t forget to install SexLab Sperm Texture Replacer for better bukkake.
  • Sexlab Dangerous Night -> There’s no safe place, your female PC can be raped any where she slept. Configurable and easy to use. Instead of sleeping outside it’s better to sleep at your home or inn where. Now with bestially feature.
  • Prostitution -> TDF Prostitution and RadiantProstitution Tweaked are the most well known ones. Radiant Prostitution allow you to work at Inn as prostitute and your female PC may get certain quest to please some males such as Soldier at Storm cloak Camp. While the TDF Prostitution is more simple as you can become a prostitute without the need of pimp and you may also become a pimp. It’s also configurable which NPC may have interest on your character depend on their arousal. I prefer TDF Prostitution since in RadiantProstitution Tweaked certain quest are not working in my Skyrim Game.
  • Bestially -> You can make it work with Sexlab Defeat Mod by letting your PC’ Health Point reduced to certain point by animal’s attack and let them rape you. Mods you should install to make this work better are SexLab Nude Creatures and Creature Features. Don’t forget to read the mod description and install the required files.
  • Sexlab Describe -> It allow the game to show some message of what happening. For example when the Male NPC cum inside your female PC the message will say something like this:  [NPC name] cum inside your [player name]. There’s a new version of this mod,  Apropos, which has more features but it still in Beta. Choose what you think suitable for you.
  • SOS – Schlongs of Skyrim -> Simply add a Penis and Male Body mod to your game. Important if you use Sex Mod.

6. Visual and Graphic

There’s not much I can tell. Please install the HD Texture DLC and any HD texture available on Nexus (choose the one that suit your need). Then you may install any ENB or “I can’t believe it’s not ENB 2” which allow good visual enhancement without sacrificing performance, especially in low-mid end PC. Dynavision which add visual depth is also recommended. Imaginator works well in conjunction with I can’t believe it’s not ENB 2, which allows you to separately control visual elements like Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sky Brightness, Sunlight Output, Bloom and Tint. Don’t forget to install the MCM menu for Imaginator.

7. User Interface

There are only 2 mods I recommend

  • SkyUI for better User Interface and better item sorting
  • Immersive HUD -> The aim of iHUD is to provide the immersive feel you get from having no HUD, whilst keeping the usefulness of having one. It takes the permanantly visible HUD elements such as compass and crosshair, and hides them when not needed. Hence the motto: HUD when you need. HIDE when you don’t.

In conclusion there are many alternative of mod in same category, choose the one you think suit your taste and your PC hardware. I hope this may help you in choosing and installing mods for your Skyrim Game. If you have any recommendation or question, just leave a comment.


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