Ero Manga Share

I’ve no idea for the title for this article. I just want to put some interesting Ero Manga (and other interesting but ero) I know from some Pervert Group on Facebook. Actually I have an idea to make a separate articles, but I believe one article should be enough.


* ignore the last pict.

Below 18 shall not click read more.

So, according to the info I got from certain pervert group, the artist or character’s name for image above are:

Upper quadrant: The Artist is HIRAME. Manga can be downloaded and read from here.


  • left: Manga name is Imako, can be downloaded and read from here.
  • center: Manga name is Childhood Destruction ~Big Red Riding Hood and the Little Wolf~, link here.
  • right: Artist is HISASHI

Lower quadrant:

  • left: Manga name is VictimGirls 17 SOS -savage our souls-, download and read from here. Complete list from the artis here.
  • middle: N/A. I will update this article when I found out about this one.

Moe-ness overload: [Tinkle Bell] Rondo Duo -Yoake no Fortissimo- Punyu Puri ff

Download the complete gif from here.

Support the creator and buy the game here.

 [Shiwasu No Okina] Aibuka! (Kari) Idol Bukatsudou | Club Activities as an Idol! 

Why do I share this? Usually, most ero artist I found is either draw “pettan” (flat chest) or “oppai” (big breast). But this one draw a more natural looking (small) breast in my opinion. The story is quite interesting.

Read it here.

 It’s not Rape if it’s an ELF

 The Pollinic Girls Attack Vol. 2 …?

If you ask me whether I have read this one or not, I’ll say: Not yet. I’ve just finished 2 rounds of Battlefield 4 game, found ME!ME!ME! video in previous article I post, and write this article. To be honest I haven’t read all the manga nor download the HCG I’ve post above. Maybe some other time.

So what’s good about this manga? I’m not sure but it containst Rape and Pregnant TAG, could be interesting. I just put it here so I won’t forget when I have time to download the manga.

Gundam Build Fighters Try Doujin: Gyanko


This one is created by Butcha-U, one of my favorite artists. I believe the doujin manga would be published on next comiket event, but this is just my assumption.


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